NTS Class

You are invited to a Traffic Handling Class to be held on Saturday, April 22 in Richfield NC at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, 111 East Church St. Directions are available here: http://mtzionrichfield.org/

Please let us know below (name & call sign) if you will be joining us for the class. Please bring an HT with 146.580 programmed in a channel to use in the class. Talk-in will be on 146.985 (-), 100 Hz tone.

Yes (22) No (0)
Richard (Rick) ...
Carl W4EAT
Merrilee WA1FHK (+1)
Clyde WC9CW
Johnny KE4CWN
Bruce Trexler ...
Dennis N4DSM
Matt Young / KK...
John White WB2NHQ
Joseph "Jay" Di...
James "Jay" Joh...
David K8IP
Tim Krieger KM4VIW
Keith KK4LGM - 2XL
Jim Winters W4YF
David KW4PD
Steve Nosko W4SJN
Bill K4VET
Ray Sipe KI4UDZ
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Comments (2)

Joseph "Jay" Diepenbroc... [Yes] said 2017-04-02 23:09:35 UTC

Is HT on 146.58 needed for simplex or duplex?

Lane [Yes] said 2017-03-23 22:49:33 UTC

Looking forward to it